Craig Perkins Psalmist Intensive
I Samuel 16:23 (The Voice)
Whenever God allowed the evil spirit to afflict Saul, David would play the harp, Saul would be relieved of his torment, and the evil spirit would depart.



In my musical journey with God many years ago, I seldom found teachers who understood or had encountered the experience of great spiritual visitation in their lives. It became clear to me as time passed that I was a pioneer forging some strange unknown musical frontier. Oh, there were musicians and performers around me who were worship leaders, or performers of music, but there was no one who could counsel me on how to find the heart of God or discover how to interpret His heart through my music. I felt like, in the words of the great composer Joseph Hayden, "I was isolated from the world and cut-off.  I was forced to be original".


On my quest, I was a risk-taker and would not be satisfied with the status quo. I was always pushing, probing, longing to find the nuggets from God's heart to weave into my songs. Then one day live, on stage I experienced what it was like to look upon the multitudes of people and be moved with compassion as Jesus was. This changed everything! No longer could I be content to just sing a song, or play a tune. I was compelled in that moment to sit at the keyboard in front of hundreds of people and draw on the heart of God and ask Him what it is He wanted me to play. This was strange and scary, as I had never done it before. As I trusted that compassion in my heart, I began, timidly, to sing words I had never heard before and played chords on the piano I had not rehearsed. The result was something I will never forget: the presence of God filling that outdoor crusade and lives were touched in a totally new dimension. Over time, I began to increase in my understanding of how to not simply perform music, but interpret the heart of God. I recorded everything I sang, played or composed!


I may have been bloodied in the arena of trial and error, but in the wrestling I have discovered  the richness of expressing His heart to man. I wish to teach other hungry psalmists not so much what "I" do, but to release in them who they are by sharing my journey. Thus, Psalmist Intensive, was birthed.


My desire is to be a mentor, a guide, a father to many spiritual sons and daughters - an inspiration for all those who desire to understand how to be more effective and impactful in their music deliverance.  Counselors, music therapists, and those in leadership can benefit from the spiritual immersion of this event.