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Welcome to a gathering place for folk to awaken their souls to the realness of a caring God demonstrated through music. The transparency of the evening lends itself to personal renewal and refreshment  - much like drinking cool fresh waters. Heart Touch Music comes with sound system and all needed gear. You simply come to receive. The size of the group does not matter.  


Heart Touch Music is an excellent resource for retreat settings,  recovery programs, men's gatherings, and counseling centers. Craig connects his music with an audience while conveying the story of his life's journey out of abandonment and abuse. As a compassionate "song receiver", he has penned numerous compositions that help others draw nearer to wholeness of soul. He often composes songs right on the spot to express a powerful emotion or truth, guiding people's hearts towards the realness of a caring God. 



Psalmist Intensive brings worship leaders and musicians into an environment to learn more about how to express the Lord's heart through their music.   We help your team grow in compassion,  which is the foundation to interpreting  the heart of God. Heart Touch Music comes with sound system and keyboards as tools to sensitively pour healing presence over all who attend while mingling teaching and musical demonstrations.  Your team simply comes to encounter to the realness of a caring God through the tools of music.



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