Childhood memories held violence and abandonment for me through the dysfunction of alcoholic parents. Home was not a safe place, but a battleground for fear and neglect,  leading to the desertion of both parents. My sisters and I were taken into the custody of the courts and eventually enrolled in an orphanage halfway across the country. Institutional living for 320 children was all I would know through high school graduation.


Leaving the orphanage campus with its strict rules, it seemed as though freedom was my new middle name. Come autumn, I was working my way through college as a music major, even though I knew absolutely nothing about the subject. Drugs and the party life immediately began to call me out. Unfortunately, I answered. The rest of my time in college is sort of a blur. 


The struggles over my past were haunting: Failure Forever! Destined Loser! Abandoned Orphan! Through the encouragement of campus Christians, I began taking my troubled soul to this "distant God" who I was convinced had no concern for me.  As time passed, I had many authentic talks with Him and it began to dawn on me.  He was there in every dark place - the divorce, the sexual abuse, and the abandonment.


This progressive inner healing of my heart changed my perspective. Bitterness was kicked out, allowing me to show mercy toward each parent through a series of miraculous events in locating them after years of separation. At that time I was not even sure they were still alive. Finding them is a story too long for this bio!


Adding sweetness, I married Susie, on Christmas Eve, 1983. Together we have raised two sons, Zachary (30) and Jeremy (25) 


Heart Touch Music was founded as a traveling concert ministry in 1984. Through these journeys, I present my story through original songs in retreat settings, seminars, for recovery programs, or healing centers. The songs are thematic, and along with my story, they penetrate to the deepest parts of the heart, often assisting troubled souls in walking through doorways of healing.


Many people struggle with feeling distant from God. Heart Touch Music helps you experience the realness of a caring God, so that you may live a content healed and meaningful life.

Craig Perkins

Heart Touch Music



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